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If you are interested in booking a distance reading, please get in touch via email (tarotmuse @ or the contact form below. Let me know what area of your life you wish to focus on (i.e. career, creativity, social life, family life, romantic relationships, general life advice, and so on) and as much detail about the current situation you wish to share (although this isn’t necessary for the reading itself, and you don’t have to provide any information at all if you don’t wish to do so). I will be in touch soon to acknowledge that I have received your request, and to share my ideas for approaching your reading in terms of the spread I will use, the number of cards, the deck, and — most importantly — the question.

Selecting the right question is perhaps the most important step in the entire reading process (for more detail, see my post The Art of Questioning). We will agree on the question together before I proceed with the reading. If you don’t already have a question in mind, that’s perfectly fine! We will decide on one together, or we can even take a more general approach. I will not proceed with the reading until we have both agreed on the question as well as the number of cards I will use.

Please keep in mind that my readings do not tell the future, read minds, or the like (again, see The Art of Questioning for more detail on this). Think of your tarot reading like a dream or a poem that can be interpreted in light of your question and current situation. It’s a tool for self-reflection and psychological inquiry, not for choosing lottery numbers or finding out what your boss really thinks of you. Tarot is for people who are willing for the answers to their questions to come from themselves; there are no answers in the cards, but there are answers within you, and tarot (and I, its interpreter) can help you to access them.

The style of reading I offer is in the form of a written document which you can keep, delivered to your email inbox, and it includes pictures of individual cards, my interpretations, and a snapshot of the reading as a whole. Each reading comes with recommendations for further reflection, which can include suggested books, films, music, meditations, writing exercises, recipes (yes, really!), and more. For examples, see Sample Readings. Also, please see What Kind of Tarot is This Anyway?! for further explanation of what my readings are and aren’t.

If you’d rather book an in-person session, please see the In-Person Tarot Sessions section. All personal sessions are held in West London.

Any questions? Just get in touch! Email or fill out the form below.

Readings are currently priced at £3 per card. Payment is through PayPal and details will be provided at the time of booking a reading. Delivery of your reading is estimated at 3-5 business days.

Disclaimer: legally, tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Readings are not intended to stand in for professional advice (be it medical, legal, financial, or otherwise) and shall not be used as such. Readings are intended for individuals aged 18 or older. By purchasing a reading, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over and that you agree to these terms.