This is tarot for anybody.

The style of tarot I practice is about connecting to inner knowledge. It provides a path to the subconscious, speaks to us in a language of symbols and images that connect to our inner child, our inner artist, our soul, our true self. Reading tarot is like interpreting a dream or analysing a poem; it’s a highly personal experience and, ultimately, you decide what to take away from it.

You can call it secular tarot, I suppose, although even that’s a bit misleading because being secular is not a requirement at all. You can bring all your gods and angels with you to the table; just realize that, in the reading, they are not the ones speaking to you. You are.

Tarot is not about telling the future. Sadly, I won’t be able to tell you if Mike from HR fancies you, but to be honest neither will anyone else; even if other tarot readers claim that the cards can provide such answers, the truth is that the only person the cards can speak about with any authority is the one reading them. Even the readings that I do for others are only ever about the connections that I see in the cards; you might, and probably will, see others. However, that is not to discredit the power of tarot in the slightest. Think of it like speaking to a life coach or hashing over some life difficulty with a friend; the perspective and insight that an outsider offers on your life can be invaluable and sometimes even spark important change.

When I say this is tarot for anybody, I say that with a certain caveat because this is not tarot for people who want easy answers (see above re: Mike from HR). This is tarot for people who are interested in questions, and in learning to ask the right ones. This is tarot for seekers, for dreamers, for people who like to get their hands dirty. This is tarot for people who always want to discover more.