The Art of Questioning

More than anything, being a lifelong tarot practitioner has taught me the subtle art of asking the right questions. This is a skill I developed not through any intention of doing so, but rather through my early years of fumbling through tarot (the cards are worthy teachers in that respect). How did I learn this? By asking the wrong questions (Does he like me? When will he ask me out? Will I ever get married? How many children will I have?) which resulted in dissatisfying answers because, guess what? Tarot is not magic. Tarot does not tell the future, and tarot does not read minds — at least, not anyone’s mind but your own.

As a general rule, questions that start with ‘will,’ ‘when’ and ‘do/does’ are to be avoided. The best way to use tarot is to approach it with ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions: What can I do to get my crush’s attention? How can I improve things for myself romantically? What would a marriage between me and my partner look like? How should I best prepare for motherhood/fatherhood? and so on. This is because the reading is rather like raw material that you can, and should expect to, do something with afterwards. It will give you advice, show you alternatives, and open your eyes to things you didn’t even know you’d been thinking about. Tarot is an active art; “will” and “do/does” questions are passive. We want the reading to provide us something meaty we can chew on, something we can learn from, some ideas for what to do next. That’s why we should never ask Will I get this new job? but instead How can I best approach my upcoming job interview? It’s a way of making sure the reading and our response to it are always in our control. We want to be empowered, inspired, and invigorated by tarot.

If you’d like a reading but are unsure how to phrase your question so as to generate the most fruitful tarot reading possible, please get in touch and we can work it out together.

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