Using Tarot to Overcome Writer’s Block

This is a tarot spread that can be used to explore what’s blocking you and what you can do about it. I designed it with writers and artists in mind, but it’s also great for anyone who’s feeling stuck in other areas of their life and wants some ideas about how to move past it.

It’s quite simple; you just draw one card to represent The Block and three cards to represent possible Solutions. I designed the spread this way because I know from experience that there is rarely one answer to a block; there tends to be several different paths around it (or over it, or under it, etc.). I’d encourage any reader of this spread to at least play with each of the solutions, but if one of them speaks to you more strongly than the others then by all means focus on it first.

I recently used this spread myself to look at why I was finding it difficult to sit down and write (a block I have now happily moved past). The cards I drew are included below.

Representing my block was the Ace of Cups. I felt that the single drop of water falling into the cup suggested that I was a little bit empty, low on creative energy. Solution 1 was the Seven of Wands, suggesting that courage to face the block would help me to get past it, that I needed to look the block in the eye and acknowledge it for what it was. Solution 2, the Seven of Cups, reminded me that maybe I was expecting too much of myself, and that I needed to understand that creative strength is not a constant. Solution 3 was Death, which suggested that I should let go of fighting the block entirely, and trust that my creative energy would come back in its own time.

All of these solutions were employed, but in the end I felt that the Death card was the most helpful for me (maybe because I am still learning that I’m not a workhorse, I do need breaks and to let go from time to time). In any case, my creative strength did return, and I was grateful that the cards urged me to accept what was happening and to be patient with myself.

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