Exploring Your Creative Voice

An artist’s voice is an essential component of their overall creativity because it is the means and structure by which others receive their message. Also, like a real voice, it needs practice; go too many silent days and your throat turns sandy, it becomes more challenging to hit the high notes. Therefore, no matter how experienced you are as an artist, newbie and professional alike must regularly exercise their voice in order to maintain their current range as well as expand it.

Tarot provides a number of ways in which one’s creative voice can be explored, and here is one simple exercise you can start with. It’s a journaling exercise, so have pen and paper reading. All you have to do is shuffle your deck, select one card randomly, and then write at least one freehand page reflecting on what the card represents for you in terms of your creative voice. If you’e staring at the card’s image and feeling stuck, ask yourself, “What would my creative voice say about this?” Once something comes to you, start writing and don’t stop until you’ve exhausted any inspiration of the moment. If the only thing that comes to you is “eff this exercise, this is ridiculous and I see nothing in this card,” write about that. Why do you see nothing in the card? Is it the exact opposite of your creative voice? Or are you still getting a handle on your creative voice and you have no idea what it would say? Write about why you’re drawing a blank. Explore that for a while and see if it can teach you anything about your creative voice.

When I do this exercise myself, I usually use the Enchanted Tarot deck because the images are very sensitively and artistically done, and the bright colors are soothing to me (and if we’re already feeling a bit uncomfortable with our creative voice, it can be very useful to be soothed). Make sure you use a deck that you’re comfortable with, but not overly used to; you still want it to be able to surprise you a little.

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